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 Welcome to AgePlan:

Building Knowledge….Connecting People….Discovering Communities
AgePlan Mission

AgePlan is a thought and solution leader in aging and DIS-Ability* bridging research, technology, and consulting. AgePlan strives to bring the voices of people pursuing a more inclusive, accessible, and engaging society through: “Building Knowledge, Connecting People and Discovering Communities”.  The “AgePlan Method” promotes ideas and solutions that illuminate the value of diversity and complexity of life in the world of business, government, and practice.

*DIS-Ability: Designated Individual Strengths and Ability

AgePlan® promotes an understanding of productive and self-empowering aging across the life span. With the increase in longevity, there is a need to enhance the knowledge of individuals, families, companies and systems regarding the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs associated with lifespan development. To meet these challenges, AgePlan is committed to providing expertise to individuals, families and businesses to help traverse the information highway to develop a successful life.

AgePlan Difference
AgePlan® is your strategic partner and 360-degree resource for successful aging. As full-service consulting firm, AgePlan® builds custom solutions for individuals, families, and businesses of all shapes and sizes. AgePlan® also works with government agencies to develop dynamic, flexible solutions. When you think of aging – think of AgePlan® your connection to all of your aging needs.
Major Initiatives:
Discovering the Natural Occurring Living Community
A Naturally Occurring Living Community (NOLC) is defined as a neighborhood, community or support system that enhances community integration, a sense of belonging, independence, inclusion, self-worth, identity and value of the citizen. Discovering the Natural Occurring Living Community (NOLC) empowers the individual to remain in the community and their home as they age. AgePlan will be rolling out an e-book on discovering the Natural Occuring Living Community.
Mobile Technologies
It’s not a cliché to say we live in an ever expanding technological and information age.  New advances in health and medicine are adding years to our lives. To meet the needs of individual that are aging and to ensure they are able to age in the community of their choice, Age Plan® works with strategic partners to develop mobile technologies to support the choices and needs of individuals as they age. AgePlan® believes that aging can be made easier through technology, by connecting people, building knowledge and discovering the Natural Occurring Living Community.
AgePlan Institute – see Services tab
AgePlan® has launched AgePlan Institute a not-for-profit agency based in Raton, New Mexico as a component of its corporate structure
AgePla Institute is designed to support and encourages an exchange of ideas and solutions between academic, governmental, corporate and community entrepreneurs and develop innovative programs in the aging and disabilities..
On-line and Virtual Training

Successful aging involves building knowledge that serves as both information and application. AgePlan® Institute provides state of the art training and education to customers, businesses and policy makers to meet the challenges and opportunities in aging and disabilities.

AgePlan® Institute brings together professional and non-professional in the fields of aging and disabilities providing training, research and policy review.
AgePlan® Institute offers on-line and virtual connections to maximize the benefit in a cost effective way. If you are interested, please use a contact form or call one of the contact numbers listed.

AgePlan Strategic Partners

AgePlan®, Inc. engages with strategic partners in promoting knowledge and connections in aging and disabilities. View our Strategic Partners on our Resource page



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